Faculty & Staff

C. Ken Smith

Professor and Assistant Dean of the Environment
Cleveland Annex 101A, Snowden 209 / ext. 3219

James R. Peters

Professor of Philosophy, Coordinator of Environmental Arts and Humanities
Carnegie 201A / ext. 1581

Sarah C. Sherwood

Associate Professor, Co-Chair Department of Earth and Environmental Systems, University Archaeologist Co-EditorĀ Geoarchaeology.Ā  Wiley https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/15206548
Snowden 220 / ext. 3396

Kirk S. Zigler

Professor of Biology
Spencer Hall 169

Robert E. Bachman

F. B. Williams Professor of Chemistry, Director of the First-Year Program
Spencer Hall 263 / ext. 1336

Sid Brown

Professor of Religious Studies
Walsh-Ellett 215 / ext. 1529

Lisa Burner

Assistant Professor of Spanish
Gailor 230, Ext. 3140

Daniel Clay Carter

Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies
Woods Lab 110 / ext. 1418

Kristen K. Cecala

Assistant Professor of Biology, Co-Director Island Ecology Program
Spencer Hall 152 / ext. 3153

Thea M. Edwards

Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology
Woods Labs 111

Aaron A. Elrod

Assistant Professor of Economics
Carnegie 114 / ext. 3156

Jonathan P. Evans

Professor of Biology
Spencer Hall 153 / ext. 1304

Russell Fielding

Assistant Professor, Environment and Sustainability
Snowden 211B / ext.1815

John Gatta

William B. Kenan Jr. Professor of English
Gailor Hall 102A / ext. 1913

David George Haskell

Professor of Biology

JoyAnna S. Hopper

Assistant Professor of Politics
Guerry 204-B /Ext. 1356

Martin A. Knoll

Professor of Geology
Snowden 203/ ext. 1713

Karen Kuers

Professor of Forestry
Snowden 207 / ext. 1421

Roger S. Levine

Associate Professor of History
Walsh-Ellett 307 / ext. 1785

Pradip Malde

Professor of Art
Carnegie 305 / ext. 1537

Deborah A. McGrath

Professor of Biology
Spencer Hall 167A / ext. 1991

Greg Pond

Professor of Art
Nabit Art Bldg 110 / ext. 1870

D. Bran Potter

Professor of Geology
Snowden 201 / ext. 1479

Stephen Allen Shaver

Professor of Geology - Emeritus

Andrew R. H. Thompson, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Theological Ethics and Director of the Non-Degree Theological Studies Program
School of Theology

Scott Torreano

Professor of Forestry
Snowden 205 / ext. 1271

Christopher Van de Ven

GIS Instructor and Manager of the Landscape Analysis Lab
Snowden 105 / ext. 3354

Keri Watson

Assistant Professor
Snowden 216 / ext. 1116

John C. Willis

Jessie Ball duPont Professor of History
Walsh-Ellett 201 / ext. 1534

Scott Howard Wilson

Professor and Associate Dean for Global Education
Carnegie 106 / ext. 1173