Faculty & Staff

C. Ken Smith

Professor of Forestry and Geology, Coordinator Environment and Sustainability, co-director Island Ecology
Professor of Forestry

John C. Willis

Jessie Ball duPont Professor of History, coordinator of Environmental Arts and Humanities
Walsh-Ellett 201 / ext. 1534

Aaron A. Elrod

Assistant Professor of Economics
Walsh- Ellett 313 / ext. 3156

Sarah Catherine Sherwood

Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and University Archaeologist
Boeckman Director of the Sewanee Environmental Institute
Snowden 200 / ext. 3396

Emily M. White

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Woods Labs G-5 / ext. 3562

Deborah A. McGrath

Professor of Biology
Spencer Hall 165 / ext. 1991

Russell Fielding

Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies
Snowden Hall 211B / ext. 931-598-1815

D. Bran Potter

Professor of Geology
Snowden Hall 114 / ext. 1479

James R. Peters

Professor of Philosophy
Carnegie 201A / ext. 1581

Sid Brown

Professor of Religious Studies, Chair of Religious Studies
Walsh-Ellett 215 / ext. 1529

Christopher Van de Ven

GIS Instructor and Manager of the Landscape Analysis Lab
Spencer Hall 177A / ext. 3354

Martin A. Knoll

Professor of Geology
Professor of Geology

Kristen K. Cecala

Assistant Professor of Biology
Spencer Hall 152 / ext. 3153

Daniel Clay Carter

Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies
Woods Lab 110 / ext. 1418

Kirk S. Zigler

Chair & Associate Professor of Biology, Island Ecology Program Co-Director
Spencer Hall 161 / ext. 1715

Gerald L. Smith

Professor of Religion and Marshal of the University Faculties, Robert M. Ayres Jr. Distinguished University Chair
Gerald Smith teaches in the area of religion and culture. Smith's interests include rural religion, environmental and place studies, settlement history, material culture and cartography. His field work includes study of landscape, villages, churches, cemeteries, barns, and log and stone structures.

Greg Pond

Professor of Art, Department Chair
Nabit Art Bldg 110 / ext. 1870

Pradip Malde

Professor of Art
Carnegie 305 / ext. 1537

Roger S. Levine

Associate Professor of History
Walsh-Ellett 307 / ext. 1785

David George Haskell

Professor of Biology
Spencer 176B / ext. 1918

John Gatta

William B. Kenan Jr. Professor of English
Gailor 102A / ext. 1913

Jonathan P. Evans

Professor of Biology
Assistant Provost for Enviromental Stewardship & Sustainability
Cleveland Annex 110A / ext. 1304