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Daniel Carter Email icon

Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies

Daniel Carter is teaching courses in Food and Agriculture, Environmental Education, and Land-use Policy. Daniel was born and raised in the area and currently lives on a cattle and sheep farm in the Sewanee region. He spent several years prior to his current academic service as a county government consultant with the University of Tennessee's County Technical Assistance Service, working with rural local elected officials in Tennessee. Daniel has been an active participant in the conservation community in Tennessee and the Chattanooga region and is past president of the Tennessee River Gorge Trust, a land trust responsible for protecting approximately 17,000 acres in the scenic and biologically diverse Tennessee River Gorge. He is currently serving as Chair of the Natural Treasures Initiative of Thrive 2055, a 16 county regional planning effort in the the greater Chattanooga region- thrive2055.com

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Kristen K. Cecala Email icon

Assistant Professor of Biology

I study aspects of the basic and applied ecology of aquatic organisms. I am specifically interested in how aspects of environmental change alter the behavior, ecology, and distribution of amphibians and reptiles that inhabit aquatic systems in the larger southern Appalachian region including the Cumberland Plateau. I use a combination of observational, experimental, and modeling approaches to develop information that can often guide the management and conservation of aquatic ecosystems and the organisms that inhabit them.

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Aaron A. Elrod Email icon

Assistant Professor of Economics

Elrod’s current research focuses on the effect of environmental regulation on the product-mix decisions of U.S. manufacturers, and the effect of environmental regulation on U.S. outbound foreign direct investment. Prior to joining the Department of Economics, Elrod worked as an economist for the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. There he received a Bronze Medal Award from the U.S. Department of Commerce for superior federal service. He also conducted research as a Special Sworn Status researcher at the U.S. Census Bureau’s Center for Economic Studies. Elrod’s teaching interests include environmental and natural resource economics, energy economics, and public economics.

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Russell Fielding Email icon

Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies

Russell Fielding is an assistant professor in the Environmental Studies program at the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee. He earned a bachelor's degree at the University of Florida, a master's degree at the University of Montana, and a Ph.D. at Louisiana State University. He also participated in the Canada-US Fulbright Program, spending a year researching and teaching with the Institute of Island Studies at the University of Prince Edward Island. As for research, Fielding is interested, broadly, in questions of subsistence, cultural tradition, and resource conservation. He has two active research projects. Since 2005 he has been involved in a study of artisanal whaling traditions throughout the Atlantic, with field sites in the Faroe Islands, Newfoundland, and the islands of St. Vincent and St. Lucia in the Caribbean.

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Sarah C. Sherwood Email icon

Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and University Archaeologist

I am an Anthropological Archaeologist with a specialty in Geoarchaeology. I work in two areas of the world, the Southeastern US and Eastern Europe. On the Southern Cumberland Plateau I am specifically interested in prehistoric land use change over time and site formation processes of sandstone rockshelters. Beyond the Plateau I study the geoarchaeology of prehistoric earthworks and mounds and how they are built. In Eastern Europe I primarily work in Romania and Serbia on “urban” tells where Neolithic and later Bronze Age people congregated. My focus there is on stratigraphy and the anthropogenic sediments that reveal daily activities and spatial organization, primarily using soil/sediment micromorphology. All of this research is carried out in collaboration with my Sewanee students, various graduate students, and my archaeology and geology colleagues at Sewanee and several other institutions. As the University Archaeologist here at Sewanee I work with the Office of Domain Management to manage the cultural resources on the University’s 13,000 acres. We are committed to the study and protection of this rich and diverse archaeological record that includes rock art, caves, rockshelters and other interesting historic and prehistoric sites.

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Christopher Van de Ven Email icon

GIS Instructor and Manager of the Landscape Analysis Lab

Dr. Van de Ven teaches introductory and advanced courses on Geographic Information Systems (GIS), manages the Landscape Analysis Lab, and leads a variety of GIS projects with Sewanee students on the Domain and surrounding region. Chris is a geologist whose research interests are in the interactions between vegetation, geology, and topography. His research in the past has focused on plant distributions and vegetation modeling and near-surface cold-air drainage within and across mountains. As manager of the Landscape Analysis Lab, he maintains and catalogs local and regional GIS data and supervises a project collecting and cataloging the regional historic land use activity. In addition, the Landscape Analysis Lab also provides GIS support for the University, providing GIS data and maps for various departments, classes, and committees, as well as individual faculty and student research projects.

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Robert E. Bachman

Professor of Chemistry

Sid Brown

Professor of Religion

Lucia K. Dale

Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

Douglas T. Durig

Professor of Chemistry and Physics and Director of The Cordell-Lorenz Observatory

Jon Evans

Professor of Biology and Asst. Provost for Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability

John Gatta

Dean of the College and Professor of English

Robin Gottfried

Emeritus Professor of Economics

Francis X. Hart

Tom Costen Professor of Physics

David G. Haskell

Professor of Biology

Martin A. Knoll

Professor of Geology

Karen Kuers

Professor of Forestry and Geology

Roger S. Levine

Associate Professor of History

Deborah A. McGrath

Associate Professor of Biology

Stephen R. Miller

Associate Professor of Music

John R. Palisano

Professor of Biology

James R. Peters

Professor of Philosophy

Greg Pond

Associate Professor of Art

Donald B. Potter, Jr.

Annie Overton Brinkley Snowden Professor of Geology

Stephen A. Shaver

Professor of Geology

John H. Shibata

Associate Professor of Chemistry

C. Ken Smith

Professor of Forestry and Geology

Gerald L. Smith

Professor of Religion and Marshal of the University Faculties; Robert M. Ayres Jr. Distinguished University Chair

Scott J. Torreano

Professor of Forestry

Kirk S. Zigler

Associate Professor of Biology

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