Environmental Studies

Sewanee: The University of the South

Natural Resources and the Environment Major

An interdisciplinary environmental major that integrates coursework in forest ecosystems and geology with the broad range of potential environmental coursework offered at Sewanee.

Administered chiefly through the Department of Forestry and Geology — Karen Kuers, Chair.

All Natural Resources and the Environment majors take the introductory forestry and geology courses (Fors 121 and Geol 121); a complementary science course in biology, chemistry, or physics; the department’s oral presentations seminar; and the department’s interdisciplinary senior field project course. The remaining 4 required core and 3 elective courses are chosen by the student, in consultation with his/her faculty advisor, to match the student’s specific interests.

1. Fors 121:  Introduction to Forestry

2. Geol 121:  Physical Geology

3. One of the following science courses:
            Biol 130:  Field Investigations in Biology
            Biol 200:  Entomology
            a biology laboratory course
            Chem 100:  Foundations of Chemistry
            Chem 120:  General Chemistry
            Phys 105:  Energy and the Environment
            Phys 106:  Foundations of Global Warming

4. Four of the following core courses in Natural Resources:
            Fors 211:  Dendrology
            Fors 262:  Forest and Watershed Restoration
            Fors /Geol 303:  Soils
            Fors 305:  Forest Ecology
            Fors 312:  Silviculture
            Fors 319:  Natural Resource Management Decisions
            Geol 221:  Mineralogy
            Geol 222:  Historical Geology
            Geol 225:  Sedimentology
            Geol 305:  Economic Geological Resources
            Geol 314:  Hydrology
            Geol 325:  Field and Structural Geology

5. Three Natural Resources elective courses (12 hrs):
            Any Fors, Geol, EnSt, ESci, Chem, or Phys course;
            Any Biol course numbered 130 or higher;
            Anth 307, 316, 318, 350, 357
            Econ 335
            Hist 238
            Phil 230
            Pols 260, 381, 382;
            Relg 307, 341, 353
            (EnSt 101 recommended.)

6. Fors /Geol 332:  Oral Presentations in Forestry and Geology (0.5 credit)

7. Fors /Geol 432:  Senior Interdisciplinary Field Project  (Capstone)

Required for B.S. (but not for B.A.) in Natural Resources and the Environment
          Two science lab courses not in Fors/Geol (Chemistry recommended)
          Two other math or science courses

Sewanee: The University of the South