Environmental Studies

Sewanee: The University of the South


The Environmental Studies Program brings together students, faculty, and staff from 13 academic departments to study, discuss, and research environmental issues at local, national, and international scales. The goal is to expose the students to a variety of viewpoints concerning environmental issues, and to give them the interdisciplinary tools they need to become environmental problem solvers before they graduate from Sewanee. Five majors, a minor, and a certificate are offered in the Environmental Studies Program.

Expected Outcomes

Environmental Studies offers four major tracks -- Environmental Policy, Ecology and Biodiversity, Arts & Humanities, and Natural Resources & the Environment,  -- each of which has somewhat unique goals. Students in all four tracks, however, will:

  • Interpret and discuss the major environmental issues in our world today, and
  • Command the skills to work effectively on these issues in an interdisciplinary context.

The four majors include Environmental Policy, Ecology and Biodiversity, Natural Resources and the Environment, and Arts and Humanities.

There are 11 required courses for each of the majors, including a senior capstone course.

Sewanee: The University of the South